Prof. Dr. Ivo Krejci

Early Caries Diagnosis – Early Caries Treatment


Within the concept of classic conservative dentistry, caries restoration was delayed at a very late stage, namely when caries reached dentin and especially when it showed cavitation. For less advanced lesions, preventive measures such as reinforcement of oral hygiene and fluoridation were recommended. The idea to intercept carious lesions by restoratives procedures at a late stage was justified because it was the most conservative option for the remaining tooth structure: When a restoration had to be realized with classic restorative materials such as amalgam or gold, it required preparation of the tooth for mechanical reasons, leading to additional tooth destruction.

Today, the time of amalgam and gold is over and modern restorative dentistry is based on adhesive materials and techniques. It is astonishing to realize that this important change in the field of restorative materials did not have a more significant impact on the restorative concept. The presentation will focus on this incoherence and will propose solutions to fix it.

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Ivo Krejci is the president of the university dental clinics, the director of the department of preventive dental medicine and primary dental care and the chairman of the division of cariology and endodontology at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He also serves as scientific advisor for the School of dental hygienists in Geneva.

Worldwide he enjoys an excellent reputation as an expert for non- invasive or micro-invasive direct and indirect adhesive restorations.