Dr. Ralf Böhner

Quo vadis BRILLIANT Crios


Composite has long been the gold standard in direct filling therapy and is rapidly conquering the indirect CAD/CAM restoration technology. Latest study data underlines the excellent suitably of resin-based blocs as a long-term treatment. Dr. Böhner will present a collection of the latest study insights and draw implications for the future prospects of this material group, as well as providing an outlook on the future COLTENE CAD/CAM product portfolio.  

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Ralf Böhner graduated from the university of Bayreuth with a degree in chemistry, majoring in polymer chemistry. He obtained his PhD at the technical university of Munich with a thesis on “New light curing monomer systems for the dental industry”.

Dr. Böhner has more than 24 years of expertise in research and development of dental restoration materials. In 1995, he joined COLTENE as Manager R&D Adhesive Materials, focusing his research activities on adhesives, luting materials, CAD CAM composite materials